Using OpenOffice 1.0.1 Office suite

(word processor, spreadsheet, database, slideshow, HTML composer):

This is getting to be quite useable now. It reads and

writes the MSOffice formats (.doc, .ppt, .xls) as well

as its own native formats, however some formatting might

be lost in the conversion)

What the developers call a "network install" has been performed,

with all the files present in .raid/bin/OpenOffice.org1.0.1 .

The developers recommend that each user do a "workstation install"

which will allow each user to set individual preferences.

Open a terminal window and go to the network installation in /raid/bin:

cd /raid/bin/OpenOffice.org1.0.1/program

start the installation script with:


A Graphical User Interphase comes up to guide you through the process.

It's pretty self-explanotory. Select workstation rather than "local"

install to avoid making a duplicate of all the files. When asked for

an installation directory, your home directory would be a good

choice. Or a local disk on the computer you usually use?

Printer setup-

This is done by the administrator for everyone.

This will only work if you have printing set up on your machine

(printcap file), and if (except for "generic printer") if you have

the same name for a given printer in your printcap files as

everyone else.

Reminder about unix printing:

1. If you print a postscript file with "lpr" without specifying

a printer, it will use the printer defined by $PRINTER i.e.

your default printer. This is what happens in OpenOffice if

you select the generic printer. (but it must be a postxcript


2. If you want to specify another printer, you use lpr -Pprinter,

where "printer" is a name defined in your printcap file.

The printcap file allows many aliases for each printer,

so if you are using another name for a given printer you

can just add the standard name as an alias.

Printers set up for OpenOffice (more can be requested):





your default printer

generic PS


hp 5si


hp 5si


generic PS


generic PS


generic PS


generic PS