If the EDS link brings up a window saying "Sorry. . .", it is probably because the depositors of the structure in question chose not to deposit the structure factors on which the structure was based (As explained here,It could also be because the structure factors are still on hold or some other problem).
There are a number of reasons why one might decide not to deposit the structure factors, and this in no way reflects upon the quality of the structures, however it does make an independent assessment of the quality impossible, and so hinders the progress of science in the long run. The PDB strongly encourages all depositors to deposit structure factors as well as coordinates. It is to be hoped that eventually structure factors will be deposited for all these structures, and the EDS links here will work as intended.

This is especially important for the cytochrome bc1 complex, where all the structures have strong and weak areas, and the structures differ in a number of significant features. Before spending a long time explaining a conformational change or a different binding mode observed in two different structures, it would be nice to be able to check how well the feature is supported by the electron density in both crystals.

Since 2008, depositing structure factors is mandatory. However there are a number of very useful structures that predate that, for which the data (structure factors) have not been deposited.