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Research Interests (Full Abstract)

Our long-term interest is in the mechanism of energy-conserving electron transfer chains such as the mitochondrial respiratory chain and the photosynthetic electron transport chain. In the 1980's we worked mainly on purification and spectroscopic characterization of components of the chain. The field was reaching a point of understanding at which more detailed structural information was needed before much further progress could be made.

X-ray crystallography is essentially the only source of detailed structural information for large protein complexes. Therefore recently we have been concentrating on crystallization of electron transport chain components, capitalizing on our previous experience with purification.

As structures are becoming available, a lot of new research possibilities are opening up. Some of these involve further crystallography- looking at binding sites for substrates and inhibitors, and examining the structural effects of point mutations. Others involve in vitro spectroscopic tests of reaction mechanisms suggested by the structure. We intend to be involved in this research, as well as continuing to apply our crystallization expertise to new membrane protein complexes.

Our major funding is from NIH, Awards R01DK44842 and R01GM62563.
Additional valuable support has been provided by The France-Berkeley Fund and Human Frontiers Science Project

Structures solved by the Berry group.

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Specific Research Projects

x-ray structure of vertebrate bc1 complexes
bacterial bc1 complexes
Structural studies of Respiratory Complex II
Structural studies of cyt. cbb3 cyt. oxidase
Structural studies of cyt. f mutants (collaboration with J. Fernandez-Velasco and Dick Malkin's Lab at UCBerkeley)
The cytochrome bc1 complex of trypanosomes (with Larry Simpson, UCLA and Dmitri Maslov, U.C. Riverside)
Spectral(vis-uv) analysis of multicomponent systems. (sourceforge.net)
The cytochrome bc1 complex of plant mitochondria
Crystallization of membrane proteins

Resources for investigating cytochrome bc1 complexes

Current Group Members

[nobody here- we are moving to SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse]

Visiting Scientists

Former Group Members

Edward A. Berry
e-mail: EABerry@lbl.gov

LiShar Huang
e-mail: LSHuang@lbl.gov

Ning G. Pon
A more recent photo
e-mail: NGPon@lbl.gov

Karen Chiang
Undergrad Thesis: The Mechanism behind Antimycin Induced Oxidation and Heterogenous Titration of Cytochrome bH of the Cytochrome bc1 Complex
e-mail: KChiang@lbl.gov

Sheng-wen (Wendy) Tseng
Undergrad Thesis: The extinction coefficient of Antimycin and an update and later measurements by Jamie Jordan in Syracuse
e-mail: SWTseng@lbl.gov

Serena Way
Undergrad Thesis: Cyt c552 of Vibrio cholerae
small correction to thesis Cyt c552 of Vibrio cholerae
e-mail: SWay@lbl.gov

Andy Chung-Jen Wang
e-mail: CWang@lbl.gov

John T. Shen
e-mail: JTShen@lbl.gov

Lai Saechao
e-mail: LKSaechao@lbl.gov

Eric Y. Tung
e-mail: EYTung@lbl.gov

Elise Huang
Undergrad Thesis
e-mail: EHuang@lbl.gov

David Cobessi Former Post-Doctoral Fellow, now at CNRS-Strassbourg
e-mail: DCobessi@lbl.gov
current e-mail: David.COBESSI@esbs.u-strasbg.fr
Thomas H Cromartie visiting from crop protection
e-mail: THCromartie@lbl.gov
current e-mail: tcromartie@byotix.com
Matt Ban
e-mail: MBan@lbl.gov

Yusef Collins
e-mail: YOCollins@lbl.gov

Zhaolei Zhang
Web Page

An Chian Chen
Sequencing Rieske. For an update on chicken cyt. bc1 sequences, see this.
Sylvia Lo
Sequencing cyt. c1 (I)
Thomas Linden and Rainer Breitli
Purification and crystallization of Cyt f and its redox partners
Eli Kintisch
Isolating and identifying chicken bc1 subunits
Kyle Kwok
Sequencing cyt c1 (II)
Amy Fang
Membrane protein purification and enzymology


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