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Chicken bc1 difference spetraClick for stereo imagesChick bc1 spectra

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beef bc1 p6522 xtals

Cyt. bc1 peptide sequences:

Structure-based sequence alignment
Sequence Correlator
cyt b alignment: mitoch, bacterial, chloroplast
Cytochrome b/b6-IV
cyt c1 alignment: mitoch, bacterial
Rieske FeS protein sequences
Rieske FeS protein sequences (plant)
beef bc-1 sequences
chicken bc-1 sequences
rabbit bc-1 sequences
human bc-1 sequences
bacterial bc-1 sequences
mitochondrial cyt. b sequences
bacterial cyt. b sequences
cytochrome b6 sequences
cytochrome c1 sequences
misc cytochrome c sequences
mito cytochrome c sequences
cytochrome c2 sequences
Other bc-1 protein sequences
Zhang's alignment tools
Juretic's TMHelix predictor Version 3.1, Version 3.5, Version 4, Results with bovine cyt b (8 TMH)
TMHMM TM Helix predictor Server, Results with bovine cyt b (9 TMH)
TMCompare Reference, programThanks,

Cyt. bc complex structures at the PDB and structure analysis servers

(More detailed tables: all structures, bovine, chicken, yeast, bacterial, cyt b6f.)

subunit contactinterface table, area and residues

Mechanisitic Models

Modified Q Cycle

DSSP: H-bonding and phi-psi analysis, 2ndry structure assignment

native cyt b
native cyt c1
native ironsulfur protein
native subunit 6
DSSP secondary str. abbreviations defined
(old) Cartoon of cyt b secondary structure(chick) and a later version
Cartoon of cyt b secondary structure, with bovine,Rhodobacter numbering.
Cartoon of cyt c1 secondary structure, from bovine,Rba capsulatus.
Rieske ISP secondary structure, bovine from Iwata, 1996; modified for Rba capsulatus
Cartoon of ISP ED structure
Core I topology, Topology diagram
Core II topology, Topology diagram
Heme Nomenclature and chirality of MET Ligand monoclinic beef bc1 crystal
The Chicken Genome project at Roslin Institute

Chicken Cytochrome bc1 structure:

Electron transfer by domain movement in cytochrome bc1
Coordinates available here (read 1bcc3bcc.not for explanation)
Rotating bc1 dimer (wait for it to load).
chicken cyt bc1 at two orientations.
Stereo Pictures of the bc1 dimer at three different orientations.
Cytochrome c1+hinge structure
Data and refinement statistics
Artist's conception, and predicted cyt c binding sit e.
Stereo Picture of cyt c1, Rieske, and cyt c ( from the co-crystal).
Cyt. b transmembrane helix arrangement e.

Figures from publications

Figures from publications

Preview of High-resolution beef bc1

Prelim version
Nature Paper
ARB figures, pdf, supplementary materials.
Cytochrome f Figures
Cyt bc1 presentation
J.B.B Paper
Biochemical Society Paper
EBEC BBA paper
Rb capsulatus bc1- first phases (2001 Biophys. Soc. poster)

Cyt. bc1 reports:

bibliography, Ed Berry
Potato bc-1 report
Beef bc-1 crystals report
Beef P21 crystals report
Trypanosome bc1 report

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Bovine bc1 monoclinic crystals

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